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"The reason I hired Pam was simple. I wanted a unique view of 'time management.' She challenges many of the typical approaches to time management which most professionals find don't work. And, she did her homework before she arrived. The results showed. Her session was superb!"

Thomas Ferraro | Director, Strategic Relations
Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

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Pam Vaccaro, CSP understands the need for an innovative and customized approach to the timeworn, but critical, concept of “time management.” With her well researched, quick-paced and witty insights, Pam delivers highly practical solutions to clients hungry for a new perspective on productivity and organization.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as the presenter of choice for event planners in search of a quality experience and a fresh message about time management, Pam has come to the conclusion that the secret to productivity isn’t really about time at all, rather, most of us are suffering from what she’s coined as Focus Deficit DisorderSM, or FDD.

Thanks to Pam’s fierce commitment to her personal Code of Professional Standards, you’re guaranteed to have exactly the kind of quality experience you’re looking for from a seasoned professional speaker. Contact Pam today to discuss how her customized programs can get your organization moving on the road to success.